Alan Ackerman – Advanced Card Control Series 1-8

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Ackerman Advanced – Card Control Series VOL.1-8 Allan set

Ekman Alan advanced poker control series
and learning more advanced skills?
Well, Ekman Alan’s advanced poker video series is the best for you.
Video video not only contains an encyclopedia of poker, but also a real sense of performance practices.
Ackerman Allan Las Vegas Poker experts will show all their skills and talents.

The first set of the palm of the hand
This episode covers all of the hidden card tricks. Whether you believe it or not, this teaching will teach you more than 40 kinds of hidden card methods, can be stolen from a card of any location card.

Second set wig
Alan focuses on all kinds of wig. More than 30 kinds of licensing skills from different locations of the cards.

Third set control board
Alan will focus on this demonstration and explain more than 40 kinds of control cards.

Fourth set off the playing skills and skills of poker face skills flop
Include the following:
Thumb open fan Qupai open fan single hand open fan with one hand (started) shuffle one hand cut (the most common and most simple kind) single handedly kosy type cut the deck, single hand cut (and flowers) Erdnase type with single hand cut the deck, single hand three cut the deck, single hand five copies of the cut card.
The difference between face and card
Snapping face (Ed Marlo David Blaine invented by Louis Liu are used)
Percussion double turn
Push plate double flip (a push is two) method
Subtlety outjog dislocation licensing tips
Double push method two
Vernon Dai double push
Little noise?
One of the weird Alman traps
Amico D exhibition card (very useful technique, the three cards are displayed for two)
Weird Alman trap two
More than one turn (three or more)
Little thumb number card (very hidden number of cards, Ortiz Darwin invented)
Clearance of a card
How to keep the gap
A pop-up flop
Thrown up double turn (Marlo Ed)
Schwarzman long distance throw
Double throw
A cover that face skills
Throw type face
Hayman face
Beam type face
Desktop snap face
The miracle of the face
Exhibition card face skills
Like a rubber band like card
Brand back up
Rotating face Bensaiz (Ninja should be the 2 in)
Forton Piet playing cards

Fifth set shuffle
Include the following:
All kinds of false (full false wash wash, wash off the roof control, control the false false bottom wash, wash, wash hands off)
False cut (false, false, two, three)

Sixth set Fero technique
Including the cards, cards, and Fero some of the personalized approach

Seventh sets of false count techniques
Including the Ailm Wesley card number (or elmsley count cards), Gemini card number, etc. the mantissa of useful skills.

Eighth sets of useful techniques (integrated)
Including for licensing, shuffle, face, forced to pick a card manipulation
Card Control Series Volumes Advanced 1-8 with Allan Ackerman

One Palming – Volume

Volume one covers Palming., believe it or not over 40 palms are covered in this video. Palms from any position into either hand plus a section on theory of palming. also included are 9 great effects using the various palming sleights taught on the video. Be sure to see the other seven volumes in this advanced card control.

Two False – Deals Volume

Allan Ackerman returns with volume two of this series covering false Deals. over 30 false DBB from every position in the deck that you can imagine. Seconds bottoms centers plus all their variations and the correct way to practice them. Ten effects using the various DBB explained are also included so that you can put these false DBB to use.

Three Controls – Volume

Allan Ackerman’s third video in this series covers Controls. over 40 controls are performed and explained and then 3 top notch card effects are included using some of the controls are discussed. Every type of control. You can imagine from the greatest minds in card magic. Controls by Marlo Klaus has Draun Simon Hofzinser Vernon Christ D’Amico and more. With these sleights you just may never lose a spectator’s card again.

Four-Flourishes Lifts and Changes Volume

And Moves: Sleights
Thumb Fan The
Fans Pressure
Fans One-Handed
Overhand Shuffle One-Handed
Faro Shuffle One-Handed
Charlier (One-Handed) Cut
Kosy Cut The
Cut with a Somersault Charlier
One-Handed Cut Erdnase
One-Handed Cut Three-Packet
One-Handed Cut Five-Packet
Distinction Between a Change and a Switch The
Slap Change The
Color Change The
Double Lift Hit
Double Lift Push-Off
Subtlety Outjog
Two-Card Push-Off Another
Vernon Push Off The
Little Noise A
Altman Trap Spooky
Spread D’Amico
Brother Altman Spooky
Turnovers Multiple
Pinky Count The
Square Up Break The
A Break Obtaining
Pop-Over Lift The
Throw Double Marlo’s
Long Toss Schwarzman’s
Double Double Toss The
Wipe Change The
Throw Change The
Hartman Change The
Beam Change The
Snap Change Tabled
Miracle Change The
Change Revelation Spread
Rubberband Card The
Rise Back
Spin-Out Benzais
Forton’s Pop-Out Move Piet
Block Transfer Faro

Ace Revelation Instant
Thought Deck Blank
All Backs Routine Ackerman’s
Through Table Card

Five-Shuffle Work Volume

And Moves: Sleights
Hunter False Shuffle G.W.
False Shuffle Erdnase
False Shuffle Strip-Out
The Ladder Up
False Shuffle Pull-Through
With a Cut Pull-Through
Zarrow Shuffle The
Shank Shuffle The
Shod Slip
Two Shuffle Concept Vernon’s
Sideways Shank Shuffle The
The Top Stock Controlling
The Bottom Stock Controlling
Red/Black Shuffle Ireland’s
Red/Black Shuffle Down’s
Undercut to Top Double
Undercut to Bottom Double
Block Transfer Top
Block Transfer Bottom
Fake Cut Tabled
Fake Cut Stover
Fake Cut Ose
Fake Cut Triple
Double Swing cut Fake
Triple Swing Cut Fake
Slip Cut Tabled
Strip Fake Cut Off-The-Bottom
Overhand False Shuffle Klause

Revelation D’Amico
Ace Production Freeman/Kosy
Ace Production Double
Revelation MGM
Shuffle Stack Riffle
Poker Deal Color-Changing
To Aces and Kings Cutting
Triumph Vernon’s

Six-The Faro Shuffle Volume

And Moves: Sleights
Faro Technique In-The-Hands
At Cutting 26
The Cut Adjusting
In Faros vs. Out Faros Terminology:
Points of the Faro Shuffle Fine
The Packets Re-squaring
Case of a Miss In
And Re-Weave Rock
Faro Shuffle as a Real The Shuffle
Fine Points of the Faro Further Shuffle
Fourth Finger Table The
Cards Key
Tabled Faro The
Faro Check The
With the Faro Shuffle Stacking
The Faro and Riffle Stack Combining
Ten-Card Poker Stack The
Stay Stack The
Faro Control Incomplete
Faro With a Jog Incomplete
Placement Control Automatic
Stebbins Si
Card At Any Number Any
Mental Displacement Faro
Packets The Same Size Getting
Faro Divider The
Reverse Faro The
Faro As A Cull The
Out Faros To Preserve Full Deck Order Eight

Spade Routine Marlo’s
Aces Acrobatic
Gun The
Matching Routine Marlo’s
Mental Displacement Faro

Seven-False Counts Volume

And Moves: Sleights
Elmsley Count The
Terminology Couting
X-Y-Z Count The
Underground Elmsley Count The
OPEC Count The
Jordan Count The
Count 3-4-3
Count 3-5-4
Count 2-X-2
Count 2-4-4
Olram Subtlety The
OPOS Count The
Gemini Count The
Rhythm Count The (Jennings)
Rhythm Count The (Ackerman)
Rhythm Count The (Carpenter)
Jiminy Cricket Count The
Flushtration Count The
Rumba Count The
Elmsley Flushtration Count The
False Count Ireland’s
False Count Carlyle’s
Four Aces As Five Showing
Biddle Count The
Veeser Concept The
Cards Via The Biddle Vanishing
Hockley Here’s
Biddle As A Force The
Biddle Force Minch’s
Count Switch-Out
Switch-Out Discrepant
Biddle Switch-Out Marlo’s
The Biddle to Count More Using
The Biddle to Count Less Using
Hamman Count The
Double Deal Count The

The Aces Twisting
Twins The
Travelers No-Palm
Perception Deceptive
10-Card Trick The
Spectator Cuts the Aces The
Ace Assembly The
About Aces Gad

Eight-Utility Moves Volume

And Moves: Sleights
Points of ATFUS Fine
Switch Fu-Fu
ATFUS Vernon’s
Addition Hugard/Braue
Subtraction Secret
Add-On Vernon
Switch 1-2-3-4
Three-Way Quick
Multiple Spread D’Amico
Drop Switch The
Jennings’Add-On The
Shuffle Reverse Vernon
Cut Reverse Cervon’s
Reversal Braue 1
Reversal Braue 2
Shuffle Reverse Ackerman’s
Lapping Propelled
Deck Switch Pemper
Switch In-the-Pocket
Allerton Move Bert
The Up Up On
Ultra Move The
Curry Change The
Variations Tilt
Tilt One-Handed
Tilt Subtlety Schwarzman’s
Classic Force The
Hofzinser Force The

Variant Variant’s
Devilish Miracle The
Pips Easy-Off
Delusion Dunbury
Kings Cannibal
I Can’t Find the Card Miller’s

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61 reviews for Alan Ackerman – Advanced Card Control Series 1-8

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