Magic on Tap – Denis Behr – (VOL -1-4)

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Denis Behr is a superb card magician–one of the world’s finest by any measure. He exhibits extraordinary skill, creativity, and humor, packaged in a uniquely German character.There are many, many reasons to immediately invest in Magic On Tap, but here are four good ones:
1. New Material. There is new material not found in his fantastic books, Handcrafted Card Magic 1 and 2.
2. How to structure a show. The DVD is structured around a full show performance, so you will gain unique insight into not only the individual tricks, but how Denis designs each one to flow into the next.
3. It’s important to witness skill of this level. You know, part of loving magic is simply appreciating the superhuman skill Denis possesses. Watching his effortless palms, false deals, false shuffles, and estimation is a pure joy, and whether or not you intend to learn the techniques or not, any magic fan will enjoy watching these performances.
4. You can see the most gorgeous venue for close-up on Earth. In Germany there exists a place that is as close to ideal conditions for close-up magic as we are ever likely to see. The Krist and Münch Theatre is where Denis performs his evening shows, and we were given exclusive access to this unbelievable, raked 80-seat theatre.
You receive four volumes with Magic On Tap, and each one is an in-depth exploration of Denis’s card magic. There is an emphasis on memorized deck magic, transpositions, and commercial magic that elicits strong reactions from real audiences.

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