The Magic Of Michael Ammar 1-4

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The book The Magic of Michael Ammar became one of the fastest-selling magic books in history. Now you can actually see the magic that made Michael Ammar a world-champion magician performed by its creator at the very peak of his powers. Then, Michael takes you behind the scenes and demonstrates why he is widely considered to be one of the world very best magic teachers. You l learn not just the secrets to these powerful effects but also all of the minute details that will enable you to add these world-class tricks and techniques to your own repertoire. This is the magic that created Ammar reputation and now it can be yours.
Volume 1 – Command Performance:Routines and techniques include: Iceman Cometh, One-Handed Bottom Deal Force, Corner Switch, Salt & Pepper Transposition, The Vanishing Glass, Card Matrix, Pull Tab, Torn & Restored Cigarette, and Billy Balloon. Running time: Approximately 101 minutes.
Volume 2 – World-Class Close-Up:Routines and techniques include: Beanie Weenie, Striking Vanish (David Williamson), Coin in Pen Cap, The Yeast Card – Card to Matchbook, Ambitious Card Bluff Move (Tommy Wonder), One-Handed Card Fold, Coins Across (Mike Gallo), The Gallo Pitch, Card on Ceiling, $2 Bill into 2 Ones, Deck Vanish, Coins in Silk, plus Gary Ouellet – Moves on the Ambitious Card. Running time: Approximately 101 minutes.
Volume 3 – A Touch of Magic – Coins:Routines and techniques include: Michael Ammar Master Coin Routine, Retention of Vision Vanish, Palming a Coin, Wiped Clean, Sonic Squeeze, Black Hole Coin Production, French Drop, Spider Vanish (Ed Marlo), Coin from Elbow, Coin Blown from Nose, Bending the Coin, Coin Clip (Goshman), Coin to Key, Coin on the Ceiling, Coin in the Bottle, Coin Through Hand, Shuttle Pass, Multiple Shuttle Pass, Pencil Through Quarter, Flip Switch (Bob Elliott), Coin Switch (Ammar), One Finger Spellbound, Rick Anderson Amazing Coin Vanish, Coins Through the Table (Mike Gallo), Lapping a Coin, Coins Across (Mike Gallo), Han Ping Chien Move, and False Count with Coins. Running time: Approximately 120 minutes.
Volume 4 – A Touch of Magic – Cards:Routines and techniques include: Bluefield Debut, Swivel Card (Flip), Card from Card Box, Hindu Bottom Force, Name a Card Force, The Side Steal, Color Changes Card to Wallet, Necktie Second, Double Lift from Bottom (J. K. Hartman), Card from Card Box (Gambler Palm), Switching Sandwich, Top Card Cover Side Steal (Ed Marlo), Card Catch (Lorayne, Marlo), Kosby Switch, Applications for Top Card, Cover Side Steal, Sandwich Card, Two Color Changes, Ambitious Card Moves, Lapping a Card, Inversion (James Lewis), Ace Kicker, Half Pass, J. K. Hartman Pop-Out Move, Tilt Move (Marlo/Vernon), Mechanical Reverse (Ken Krenzel), Cardini Snap, Visually Yours, One Handed Bottom Deal, plus by Gary Ouelett Sillery Slice, Charlier Cut, and Double Cut. Running time: Approximately 98 minutes.
Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Originally released by Videonics Inc. of Canada in 1982, and on VHS by L&L Publishing in 1999 under the title, Early Ammar. DVD edition release date: May 2009

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