Zero To Hero – John Carey Vol(1-6)

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Magic Tricks DVD  Didactic

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Zero To Hero Course John Carey (Vol 1 – 6)

Week 1:
Overhand shuffle fundamentals
The run shuffle
The slip shuffle
The lift shuffle
The jog shuffle
The optical overhand false shuffle
2 effects with these tools.
Jog shuffle Ace production
Slip shuffle aces
Spectator cuts the Aces
False cuts
The running cut
The Jay Ose false cut
The Gary Oulette false cut and John Guastaferro spread variant
The Bobby Bernard false cut
The Frank Thompson false cut- table and in the hands versions
2 effects with these tools
Flash Ace opener- Frank Thompson
Matched Picture cards- Nick Trost
Card controls:
The drop cut control
The overhand shuffle control
The oops control!
The Vernon shuttle cut control
Double undercut top and bottom control.
Tabled Bluff control
Rosenthal bottom control
D’amico multiple shift control
Couture Swivel control
Thompson Bluff pass
Effects with controls
The slop shuffle
A stop trick
A card and a number using Rosenthal control
Two card Transpo with Thompson bluff pass
Week 2:
The cross cut card force
Bannons Christ cross force
The cut deeper force
The riffle force
The dribble force
The self working dribble force!
Lift shuffle force
Stealth Force One!
Crandall revelation
Do as I do using cross cut force
Key cards:
Basic bottom card key card
The open key card control
Vernon’s key card control
Effects with the key card:
The circus card trick
Classic 2 deck do as I do
Vernon’s Emotional Reaction
Week 3:
Double Lift
Basic get ready version
Hit double lift
Do’s and don’ts.
Chad Long’s 19
Chicago Opener
Rise and Switch Transpo
Daley Aces
The all around square up glimpse
The table tap glimpse
The faro glimpse
The scissors glimpse
The riffle shuffle glimpse
If we could turn back time-,using scissors glimpse
Francis Carlysle 2 card transposition
False counts:
The Elmsley count
The Biddle count
The Hamman count
Tricks with these counts
Twisting the Aces
The Biddle Trick
Lesson 4:
Tools and utilities
Hindu shuffle force
Eddie Fechter force
Hindu key card placement
Split and spread control and force
Mike Gallo bluff control
Frank Thompson Bluff pass
Optical shuffle force.
The ambitious card- a routine plus toolbox of various ambitious moves.
Simple sandwich- 3 card catch Rheinhard Mueller
Oil and Water Biddle version
Jackrobats!- Frank Garcia
Week 5:
The Hofzinser Cull
The technique
The finesse

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